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Why Hilton Head is one of the Best Places to go for Labor Day Weekend

If you don’t already have plans for Labor Day weekend, you should make them now to Hilton Head! Our vacation rentals fill up quickly. Labor Day to some is a nice three-day holiday weekend, but to Hilton Head it symbolizes the end of summer. It really is the last hoorah for the island and people are ready to celebrate!

Family Friendly 

Hilton Head is a special place for all people, but especially for families. For decades, families have been visiting Hilton Head and making it their special vacation spot. So why not make one last stop in Hilton Head during Labor Day weekend to finish off the summer? Enjoy that last Gregg Russell concert under the Liberty Oak, one more day at the beach and a final dolphin tour with the kids. After Labor Day, some schedules begin to change, restaurants will close earlier just to give their employees a break and the beach has a different vibe. Us locals love the after effect of summer and Labor Day weekend is when we know fall is near.

Fun Activities and Events

If you are planning to visit Hilton Head for Labor Day weekend, make sure you are booking your activities now! Things will fill up as it is the last time for a lot of activities and events. The famous Gregg Russell will sing his final song for Summer 2019 on Sunday, September 1st under the Liberty Oak. You definitely don’t want to miss that! Also, the summer concerts from Shelter Cove will have their last performances of the season. Labor Day weekend is a great time to enjoy the last bits of summer and sleep in on Monday!

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Hilton Head Beaches

Everyone loves enjoying that full day at the beach with no schedule or plans. Make sure you fit that into your Labor Day Weekend on Hilton Head! Enjoy the sand, water and fun that the entire family waits for all year long! It will still be just as hot as mid-summer, but a different feel in the air! Whether you’re looking for a beach for family time or a more secluded, peaceful day in the sun we have the beach for you. Dogs are allowed back on the beach after Labor Day so that is always fun to see!

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Great Hilton Head Restaurants

Hilton Head has some of the best food in the area (according to tourists and locals). Whether it’s local seafood you like, pizza or a wonderful steak, there is a restaurant for you to enjoy! Although a lot of restaurants do not take reservations, the places that do not will have great activities for you and the kids to do while waiting. This could be a local musician, games or views of the water that are to die for!

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Plan Ahead for Your Hilton Head Labor Day Vacation

As mentioned before, activities, events and restaurants will fill up quick for this holiday weekend! Make sure to get your activities booked for the kids, (if they take them) restaurant reservations for your desired time and plan early to head to the island events put on by local talent. Just like summer, Labor Day weekend on Hilton Head tends to fill up with people and their families so they can enjoy the last part of their summer vacation before school and the real world hits! If you’re planning on coming to Hilton Head this Labor Day weekend you should make your reservation soon. Our resorts fill up fast and you don’t want to miss out on the all the fun.

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