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Mother and children exploring hilton head on vacation

7 Popular Summer Activities for Kids in Hilton Head

Making sure the kids are entertained is sometimes not the easiest thing to do – especially while on vacation. That’s why going to a kid-friendly vacation spot is key. Hilton Head Island, SC has been entertaining kids, and their families, for decades. The 12-mile east coast island has summer activities for all ages – even for the parents.

1. Biking Around The Island

Riding a bike might be a normal activity for kids at home, but when it is your way of transportation it is a different story! Here on Hilton Head, we consider bikes a way to get from a to b. Going to the grocery store, to lunch and even packed up for the beach! It’s a fun, and active summer activity and a way to keep them occupied without even trying! Just remember to look both ways when crossing the street and that you may not have the right-a-way!

Whether you bring your own bike or need to rent one when you get here it will be a great family activity! Make sure to ask your resort or property manager for recommended bike rental companies!

two young girls riding bikes on vacation on hilton head

2. Rent Some Jet Skis

Now this is a fun summer activity that will have the kids, and you, smiling! You will need to obtain a valid driver’s license, but the kids can be in front or behind to join in on the fun! Speed through the waters of the Lowcountry and see the island from a different point of view. You will have a life jacket on so no worries if you get tossed because you will float right back up! That’s the fun part anyways!

There are plenty of places to rent these from and they can be hour to hour or a full day rental. You might even be lucky and have a dolphin swimming next to you through the water! This is something that the whole family will enjoy!

3. Paddle Board Through The Water

If you are looking for a little less extreme water sport, paddle boarding is exactly what you need! This is a great summer activity and allows you to be right up close to it all. You can paddle through the creeks or right in the May River – just watch out for the boaters! This is also a great evening summer activity because the sky lights up in all sorts of colors preparing for sunset.

There are many different options that include a tour guide or solo adventure so just pick whatever works best for you and the kids! It will be a great time no matter what you choose!

mother and daughter paddle boarding around hilton head island

4. The Black Dagger

This is Hilton Head’s first and only pirate ship! It is recommended for ages 2-10, accompanied by the parents of course. Leaving from Harbour Town marina, aboard this pirate ship with the Black Dagger crew and have an hour and a half of pirate adventure! Your kids will be taught how to dress and talk like a pirate, and then will head out into the Calibogue Sound for the adventure.

Make sure to check the weather, rain or shine, as the ship will leave unless the captain fears the safety of his crew! There is also no restroom on the boat so make sure to take care of that beforehand. This summer activity is available every day, all day long so make sure to fit this in your week! It will book up so make sure to get your tickets in advance. Your children will remember this year-round and beg to go back!

5. Ride The ZipLine

Hilton Head is home to our very own zipline and aerial adventure course! This course is rain or shine so a great summer activity for those rainy beach days. It is located at Broad Creek Marina and available every day of the week!

This 2-hour eco-adventure zipline tour lets you soar through the trees and is surrounded by great views of the water! It is available for ages 10 and up and will be accompanied by a tour guide during each course. You will fly through the sky with heights up to 75 feet! Call ahead to book as summer is their busiest time and then review their requirements and policies on their website prior to your arrival!

6. Kayak With The Dolphins

This is a great kid-friendly summer activity to fit into your vacation! You can have a tour guide to take you through the water or rent them on your own. You will most likely be surrounded by our sweet dolphin friends so don’t be alarmed if they come up to say hello!

You can make this an all-day adventure, or just a couple of hours. Depending on where you want to go! Any part of the water is worth seeing up close so you can’t make the wrong decision!

7. Surf The Waves

Although people don’t vacation in Hilton Head for great surfing, depending on the tides, we do have some great waves! If the kids have never tried it, this is the perfect place for them! You can schedule a surf lesson or just rent them one, but if they have never tried – we would suggest a lesson!

Locate one of our great surf shops and ask what time they suggest to get to the beach. They will tell you all of their secret spots to get that perfect wave! The kids will have a blast!

Summer Activities for Toddlers

Since most of our suggested summer activities require a certain age, we wanted to mention some great things to do with your toddlers! The Sandbox is a great indoor facility for those rainy days. Shelter Cove has a great public playground that they will love and also has some great places to dine. Climbing the Harbour Town lighthouse is also fun for the whole family and gives you the best view on the island! While in Harbour Town, you should stay and listen and singalong to the famous, Gregg Russell who plays under the Liberty Oak during the summer nights.

Everything you do during your summer vacation will be remembered, but having those special summer activities to keep the kids busy are always a necessity. Try something new and make them a summer tradition. And always schedule your tours and rentals before-hand so there is no stress once you arrive on your summer vacation you wait for all year long!

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