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5 Reasons You Need a Summer Vacation

Even though Summer Is supposed to be a time of kids being out of school and at home, summer camps and sleeping in, most people look forward to their summer vacation all year. There is always time for your family’s summer activities, sports and camps, but always make time for that one (or two) week trip that you and your family can enjoy!

Children and You Are Out of School

The stress of school can be big for all of us. No matter if you are the child, mom or the teacher, the school year affects all of us. Even though most receive a fall break, holiday vacation and a nice spring break, there really isn’t anything like a summer vacation.

A summer vacation to a child might feel the same as they check out the minute they leave those school stairs. But, this vacation always has its traditions.  The staying up late, no real plans, salty air and sandy feet.

To a mother, the ability to not plan one solid thing for a week might just be the top reason. Being able to throw a swimsuit on each kid, grab a chair and sit until golden hour is somewhat of a dream! No car pools, no scheduled lunches and definitely no after school activities. What are you waiting for?

And not to forget our teachers. The summer vacation is good for the mind and soul. To sit back, relax and not dodge snot balls for an entire week will make anyone smile! And there are spots on the beach, at least in the best vacation spots, with no children. There may not be many, but I can bet you will find it!

Because Work Can Wait

We live in a world today that is expected to be available 24/7. This means email on, phone on and able to jump in a meeting no matter when or where. We are not sure when this happened, but this stressful, non-ending work day can be put on hold!

A summer vacation for all of our working people is just what the doctor ordered! Not only is it physically needed, but mentally as well. There is always someone that can step in to help or the world can wait for you to get some sun, relax and boost your creative mind while on your best summer vacation yet.

Summer Activities are The Best!

As you grow up, one of the things that are always remembered are those summer vacations. Either with family or a family friend, there is always some sort of activity or day that you think back to. Some of our favorite summer activities include sandcastles, bike rides and late summer nights.

The beach is a great summer activity for the whole family. You can play a game of flag football, build a sandcastle bigger than your house or grab a good book and sit the entire time. Any of these deserve to be done! A family bike ride is also a loved summer activity. You can ride to the beach, shops in town or to dinner to get some extra energy out or just feel the great salty outdoors- just make sure to check the weather!

Late summer nights are also thoroughly enjoyed by all. You can bring the kids to local live entertainment where they can sing and dance or get a babysitter so you can have some much-needed adult time. Don’t forget that summer vacations are best celebrated with a morning of sleeping in!

You Have Something to Look Forward To

There really isn’t anything better than thinking of that warm, summer air while at home during the winter. Not only the winter months, but the school days can seem to drag on forever so booking a summer vacation can give you something to keep you going! You can work on your summer bod, pick out some outfits for your family photo and plan your activities so there is no stress when you arrive!

For Family Time

Life goes by so quick – nothing makes you realize this like a family photo at the beach or a Christmas card. A Summer Vacation at your favorite spot or a new vacation spot allows you to make those memories that will last a lifetime. Allow you and your family to enjoy those moments, splurge on some ice cream and see the smiles that only the beach can bring out!

You don’t want to look back to your summers and realize no one had a day off. To look back and say, “Those baseball camps really took up our time,” or “I really needed to work all of those hours.” You want to look back, see and hear all of those memories that your summer vacation made. Life is too short not to!

A Summer Vacation is like a reset button. Allowing whoever needs a break to take one. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, when you hear summer vacation, we all get that burst of excitement. Whether it’s the next school year or your 9-5 job, a summer break will give you the energy to get back and appreciate what you have! So, find your vacation spot, book that condo and get ready to have a week off from whatever life is throwing at you!

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